Finansbank Romania is launching a new SME investment loan

SME’s financing represents one of the main components of FINANSBANK’s strategy of development and consolidation in the Romanian banking industry. The Bank’s mission for SME niche is to become their primary source of financing, informing and advising, focusing on building long-term relationships with SME customers, offering fast services and customer satisfaction. An important step in this regard is represented by the launch of a new SME credit product, InvestFinans.

“We have the great pleasure to announce that FINANSBANK (Romania) SA is launching a new SME credit product, InvestFinans, designed to support long-term development of SMEs’, taking into consideration the upcoming accession of Romania to the European Union. For FINANSBANK (Romania) SA this moment represents a new step in the process of consolidation as a mainstream financer of Romanian SME” stated Tamer Ozatakul, the president of FINANSBANK (Romania) SA.

InvestFinans is an investment type of loan, mainly designed for financing the acquisition of equipments and fixed assets, but also for improvement/extension of business buildings (offices, warehouses, production halls, etc) of the SMEs in Romania. The new product offers a fast approval (based on minimum documents requirement and flexible collaterals structure) of an investment loan of maximum 200,000 EUR (equivalent RON, USD, EUR), with a maturity up to 7 years and grace period up to 9 months. In addition, the customers who will use InvestFinans loans up to 20.000 EUR (equivalent RON, USD, EUR), will benefit of a simplified and faster approval procedure.

The eligible beneficiaries for an InvestFinans loan are the financially stable companies, with min. 1 year experience in the business field, which registered operational profit and are not recorded with overdue loans or incidents in the Payments Incidents Bureau.

InvestFinans is available in all FINANSBANK (ROMANIA) S.A. branches. All necesary information related to elibigility criteria and necessary documents may be acquired by contacting any of FINANSBANK branches and the official web page:

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