Buna ziua,cu indemnizatia de crestere copil pot beneficia de un imprumut?

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Lets face it. Life sucks much of the time. It isn't the big things that make it suck, but the little daily annoyances that can make any feelings of joy disappear faster than a mound of coke during Fashion Week. And everyone knows helping others is a quick fix for making us feel good about ourselves, and that laying out cash is the easiest way to ease your guilty conscience.

Charities take advantage of that. TV adverts for charities are scientifically designed to trigger guilt, and my lord, do they work! You can be happy, one of these things appears on TV and suddenly you are thrown into the pit of despair yet again.

"Just $2 per day will feed and educate a child." The sombre voice over, talking over pictures of the poorest, most disadvantaged kids on the planet, invariably covered in flies for the gross out factor, and appealing to the one fundamental, built in imperative shared by nearly all men and women - "Protect Kids!"

Quite what people have to be guilty for, when looking at people in far distant lands, or who have suffered some natural disaster, is never actually defined - but the assumption is there is guilt in there somewhere, which can only be relieved by sending a wad of cash to a charitable organisation. Which uses a good chunk of the donations to make more of those ads, or to pay the CEO his $150,000 per year salary.
No - I didn't add an extra zero there. Yes, it is disgusting.

So, what to do? First, do not stop being charitable! Losing the impulse to help others means losing one of the few things that makes life really worth while. But ignore the ads. You wouldn't buy a house or a car without spending a lot of time studying the alternatives, so don't put helping others in the same category as buying a donut or a new pair of jeans. Look for really worthwhile charities. Think about keeping your money in your wallet and donating something far more valuable instead - your time. Oh, and spend 2 minutes to click on this link and vote for funding for this.

What - you honestly thought there was no personal agenda in me writing this?

Murariu Alina

Dacă am 18 ani și nu am niciun venit decât șomajul 250 de lei pe luna pot face un împrumut?

Vasile Coman -

Da, exista banci, nu toate, care iau in considerare indemnizatia de crestere a copilului pentru acordarea unui credit.

Va rog sa-mi dati mai multe detalii printr-un e-mail la sau la telefon 0723292899 daca doriti sa va ajut sa obtineti creditul.

Vasile Coman

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